Mrs Martha Jefferson Costume Dress for Sale

Mrs. Martha Jefferson, the wife of the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, was born on October 1748 as Martha Wayles at her father’s plantation in Charles City County, Virgina. Her mother died shortly after her birth. When she was 18, Martha married Bathurst Skelton in 1766 and she gave birth to a son, John. Her first husband died a couple years later due to a sudden illness and her son later died of fever in 1771. As a widow, Martha met her future husband Thomas Jefferson in 1768 at Williamsburg, Virgina. They married on January 1, 1772 and lived on Jefferson’s plantation at Monticello, Virgina. The couple had six children, only two of which survived past the age of 25. Martha had health problems during the marriage, possibly due to diabetes, and she passed away in 1782. She never had the opportunity to see her husband Thomas Jefferson, who remained a widower for the rest of his life, become the 2nd Vice President and then the 3rd President of the United States of America.

Mrs Jefferson Colonial Lady Costume Adult Colonial Lady Costume

This attractive floral pastel colonial woman costume will make a great Martha Jefferson costume. This dress also includes a mop cap and American flag.

Martha Washington Colonial Woman Adult Costume Adult Martha Jefferson Dress

If you need a beautiful classic First Lady dress, we recommend this fancy colonial dress with a white bonnet. This dress is available in colors navy or grey. Available in several dress sizes x-small (3-5) to x-large (14-16).

Martha Jefferson Colonial Woman Adult Costume Adult Colonial Woman Costume

This colonial dress will make a great First Lady costume. You can become Martha Jefferson or Martha Washington or any other famous colonial woman from the 18th century! A plus size version of this dress is also available (click here for details!)

Blue Colonial Lady Dress Blue Colonial Lady Dress

This traditional colonial woman costume features a classic full length dress with a blue and white lattice front. Available in multiple dress sizes.

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