Thomas Jefferson Costumes for Kids

Thomas Jefferson is one of the most famous former Presidents of the United States. Not only was his skill in the arts and sciences commendable, President Jefferson was also known to be a man to believe in the equality of citizens. It was his Declaration of Independence that made people look up to him, and the creation of the republican ideals in the country was the icing on top. He saw America as a powerful company at the top of the world and countered imperialism to adhere to this purpose. He was also very socially savvy with friends from France and Britain from whom he seeks counsel. It was during his time that the separation of the state and the church was passed, as another dictum in his main goal—to establish a government that looks upon its people with equality and liberty. He had served major posts in the government and had been trained young to lead a nation. President Jefferson makes the perfect patriotic costume for American history theatrical plays, school wax museum events, and even Halloween!

Colonial Kid's Costume

Child Fancy President Jefferson Costume

This kid’s colonial costume ensemble includes a colonial style jacket with decorative buttons and two pocket flaps, attached vest, pantaloons, a scarf, and tricorn hat.

Kid Thomas Jefferson Costume for Boys

Child Thomas Jefferson Costume for Boys

With this stylish colonial outfit, your kid can transform into one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America! This costume includes overcoat with an attached vest & knickers.

Boys Thomas Jefferson Costume

Boy’s 1776 Brown Colonial Costume

This fancy colonial outfit for boys includes a brown jacket with attached tan vest with black buttons, a cravat, and black knicker pants. This will make a perfect Thomas Jefferson costume for kids. Available in sizes medium, large, and x-large.

Kid Thomas Jefferson costume

Colonial Costume for Boys

This boy’s costume will make the perfect Thomas Jefferson outfit for kids. Your son become one of our founding fathers for school theater or historical re-enactments. This is available in sizes medium, large, or x-large for boys.

Some of his celebrated successes are the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Virginia State for Religious Freedom, Jeffersonian democracy and the Democratic-Republican Party. Through his post as a governor of Virginia he advanced to become the secretary of the state, then vice-president, and eventually president. He continuously passed bills that make living in the United States favorable to its citizens by giving them the benefits they deserve by paying the tax required of them. Through his time he has used his skills in horticulture, architecture, archaeology, paleontology and political science to understand what the people needs and what ought to be given to them. He was also known to write the first drafts of bills and declarations due to his skill in writing. Most of the bills he passed during his rule were deeply practiced today. The economy Jefferson has created is commendable even at the present.

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