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If you want to dress up as a famous American historical icon, President’s Day will give you the opportunity to suit up as American’s legendary president, Thomas Jefferson. This man was born on April 13, 1743 to a prominent wealthy couple who raised their son in Virginia. His parents were Jane Randolph and Peter Jefferson, both of Welsh descent. In his large family, Thomas Jefferson was the third child of ten children. Mr. Jefferson is not only known for becoming the 3rd President of the United States, he is also famous for drafting the Declaration of Independence in 1776 which led to our freedom, which we celebrate every year as Independence Day on July the 4th! To this day, President Jefferson remains to be one of the most popular early political figures in America.

Thomas Jefferson Costume for Men

Adult Thomas Jefferson Costume

This stylish handsome costume captures the costume style of Early American politicians. This outfit is great for theater, historical reenactments, school, and other related activities involving the retelling of the American revolution! This period piece costume features a easy to wear outfit, consisting of a one-piece vest adn jacket combo, neck cravat, and matching pants. Available in sizes small to x-large so teenagers and big guys can wear this handsome outfit too!

Kid Thomas Jefferson Costume for Boys

Kid Thomas Jefferson Costume for Boys

With this fantastic colonial costume, your child can become a Founding Father of the United States of America! This ensemble includes a blue overcoat with an attached burgundy vest and knicker-length matching pants with elastic waist.

Jefferson Aristocrat Costume Fancy Thomas Jefferson Costume

If you need a more formal colonial costume, this handsome aristocrat costume is a good choice for a fancy Jefferson outfit at a reasonable price. This elite outfit features a long blue jacket with gold buttons, trim, and accents, as well as a vest front with gold floral print, and elastic trousers.

Colonial Kid's Costume

Child Fancy President Jefferson Costume

This kid’s colonial costume ensemble includes a colonial style jacket with decorative buttons and two pocket flaps, attached vest, pantaloons, a scarf, and tricorn hat.

Men's President Thomas Jefferson Costume

Men’s President Jefferson Costume

If you need an elegant President costume from the colonial times, we recommend this handsome adult men outfit which includes the jacket, vest, jabot, and knickers.

Thomas Jefferson Colonial Costume Boy’s Colonial Jacket Costume

With this sophisticated Early American child colonial costume, you can dress up as either George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. This child Founding Father costume includes a classic blue jacket with vest front, white cravat, black vinyl boot tops. Pants sold separately. In boys sizes medium, large, and extra-large (XL).

President Thomas Jefferson costumes are popularly appropriate for school reports, wax museum shows, American history projects, theater productions, President’s Day, & Halloween. Mr. Jefferson costumes are also great for celebrating the Fourth of July since Jefferson is known for drafting the 1776 Declaration of Independence. You can buy a variety of colonial costume accessories such as Thomas Jefferson wigs, shoes, socks, and suits on sale. Below we listed the top Early American historical costumes on sale for you to choose from. These President Thomas Jefferson costumes for kids and adult men are currently the best discount sale prices today. These children colonial costumes are great for school plays or re-enactment of historical events!

Men's Thomas Jefferson Costume Adult Jefferson Colonial Costume

This fancy colonial style costume for adult men features a button vest top with overcoat, matching trousers, and faux leather boot tops. Colonial wig sold separately. Available in men sizes small, medium, large, and x-large.

Kid Thomas Jefferson costume Boys Colonial Costume

If your child needs a Patriotic costume, we recommend this Early American colonial costume. He can dress up as one of our founding fathers, President Jefferson. This includes a stylish jacket, vest, belt, and boot covers.

Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Costume Adult Colonial Costume

Dress up as President Jefferson by wearing this great Founding Father costume which includes the colonial style jacket, vest front, and knickers. Wear this for the 4th of July or Halloween!

Boys Thomas Jefferson Costume Jefferson’s 1776 Brown Colonial Costume

This fancy colonial costume for kids includes a classic Early American style brown jacket with attached tan vest with black buttons, white cravat, & black knickers. This will make a perfect child Thomas Jefferson costume for celebrating US history. Available in sizes medium, large, and x-large. Wig, socks, and shoes with buckles sold separately.

We hope you enjoyed looking at this selection of Thomas Jefferson clothing available for kids and men. These costumes can be used for a variety of events and holidays such as President’s Day, Independence Day, or Halloween. The children costumes are commonly used for school historical presentations, school “wax museum” shows, or plays. The adult men version of these costumes are often used for professional theatrical plays, college productions, community theaters, independent movies, and historical reenactments. If you need a costume in a hurry, you can order by Next Day or Overnight shipping!

If you like to know more about one of our legendary founding fathers, you can read more about him below. Thomas Jefferson is a remarkable person in the field of politics and science. He is a former president of the United States that has delved in the integration of human rights in the constitution, for he believed that man has natural rights that need to be expressed. He duly expressed the same belief in the Declaration of Independence. He has also expressed his belief that a government is a mere manifestation of the capability of people to govern themselves, that there is no need for them to be automated to do an others bidding. He is one who openly questioned slavery and has advocated the freedom of his countrymen. He is a man that is adept at botany, cartography, exploration and a love for Greek and Latin.

Jefferson has made many contacts with famous people, one of which is Governor Francis Fauquier. He studied law as a precursor to starting his political career. Shortly after, he moved to public service and has been elected in the Virginia House of Burgesses. It was then that he started writing some of the most fundamental laws in the history of the United States. Until now, his achievements are only equaled by a very few. He is known to make laws that are exacting and straight to the point, albeit the fact that writing such includes clauses and provisions that are spiraling. He believes that everything can be stated simply, and so he did. His resolutions have been proven an adequate addition to the constitution.

Some of his achievements include the instructions he had drafted for the First Continental Congress and services at the Second Continental Congress. He have also served Virginia legislature and became a governor. Although he was charged with cowardice when he fled the British advance, he returned to service as a local legislator and graduated to the Congress. He had also been sent to France as a diplomatic representative where he stayed until the French Revolution. He eventually became the pivot of the Democratic-Republican forces. He became the vice president and then eventually the president. He is remarkable as outvoting Aaron Burr for the position of president, him being chosen by the House of Representatives to be declared as the official winner.

He is most famous for the Declaration of Independence and the War with Tripoli that happened during his second term as the president. The Louisiana Purchase also happened during his reign as well as the Lewis and Clark expedition. Furthermore, the Burr Conspiracy and the Embargo of 1807 happened while he served. Even after his retirement, he never quit public service. He has proven this with the establishment of the University of Virginia, which he prided over after he has retired from his position. He was also known for his intellect which helped him carry his position with prestige and ability. Not only was he adept at the sciences, he also proved to be an art virtuoso with his gift in music and literature.

Thomas Jefferson is one of the greatest minds that have shared with the government its ability to think critically. His ideas and intellect have been used to help achieve freedom and equality in America. Not only that, he have proven to be a selfless individual who truly had the passion for public service since he finished his career. This is evident in his continuation as a public servant after he had retired. His activities as a public servant did not dwindle and until he died he only had his goal in mind. Indeed, America is lucky to have been led by one of the greatest minds in history. We hope you enjoyed reading this biography on President Thomas Jefferson.

If you and your children would like to learn about President Thomas Jefferson, you can visit and contact this historical site.

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